At PASIÓN TEQUILA, we understand that the foundation of exceptional tequila lies in the choice of key ingredients. Our primary ingredient is the revered tequilana weber blue agave, known for its exceptional quality and unique character. These agave plants are cultivated with meticulous care in the sun-drenched fields of Arandas, Jalisco.

Jima (Harvest)

In the heart of our tequila-making process lies the sacred ritual of the 'Jima' or Harvest, a process deeply intertwined with the rich lands of Arandas, Jalisco. This is where the journey truly begins, where the essence of our tequila takes shape.This process commences with the meticulous cutting of the tough, pointy leaves from the Agave plants, known as 'Pencas.' As these leaves are carefully removed, they unveil the coveted treasure at the core: the Piñas. Each Piña, with its agave heart exposed, holds the promise of the rich flavors and character that will soon grace your glass.What sets our Agave apart is the terroir of Arandas, Jalisco, where the red soil is rich in minerals, imparting unique flavors and aromas due to the oxide of these minerals. This intricate and labor-intensive process symbolizes the deep respect we hold for the Agave plant and the land from which it springs, honoring their roles as the foundation of our tequila. It is here, amidst the rows of Agave plants, that our journey of passion, dedication, and craftsmanship begins, culminating in the extraordinary tequila that is PASIÓN TEQUILA."


Sourcing and Quality

In this stage, the agave is meticulously inspected to ensure it belongs to the weber blue agave variety and to assess its condition. This assessment is carried out through laboratory analysis, which determines the quantity of reducing sugars.The sourcing of our agave is a testament to our commitment to quality. We select only the finest weber blue agave, ensuring that each piña (the heart of the agave plant) is handpicked at the peak of its maturity. This careful selection process guarantees that only the best agave is used in our tequila production.

The quality of our agave is the cornerstone of our tequila's exceptional flavor and character. It's in the fertile soil of Jalisco and the devotion of the people who cultivate these agave plants that our tequila's journey truly begins. From this rich soil to the bottle in your hand, every step in our process is a celebration of the spirit of Mexico and a dedication to crafting tequila of unrivaled quality.



In the alchemy of tequila-making, the stage known as "Desgarrado" unfolds as an intricate dance of transformation. Here, the agave is prepared for its journey, a symphony of precision and purpose.

Shredding is the art of breaking the agave into delicate fragments, a step vital in paving the way for its metamorphosis. This delicate dance is orchestrated by high-speed blades, which, with surgical precision, fragment the agave piñas into a mosaic of potential.

Subsequently, these precious agave fragments find their way to the sacred autoclaves, transported by conveyor belts. At Compañía Tequilera de Arandas, we have the privilege of nurturing this transformation within six autoclaves, each with a formidable capacity of 18,000 kg.

In this transformative act, the agave's essence is prepared for its alchemical journey, a journey that will culminate in the exquisite tequila that bears our name.



Within the heart of our process, a transformation unfolds—Agave Cooking. It is here that we coax the very soul of the agave into a sacred dance of change.

For approximately 18 hours, the agave rests within the tranquil chambers of autoclaves, where temperatures gently rise to a maximum of 90 degrees Celsius. This tender embrace is not merely heat; it is the alchemy of time and nature at work.During this journey, the agave's sugars, concealed within its fibrous embrace, undergo a metamorphosis. The gentle warmth and inherent acidity conspire to hydrolyze these hidden sugars, particularly the inulin, as they surrender to the alchemical kiss of heat. This is the breakdown of exoses, the alchemy of transformation.

In this sacred embrace, sugars metamorphose, transmuting into fermentable nectar, the very essence of tequila's life force. It is within the alchemical chambers of Agave Cooking that the agave's essence, patiently and lovingly, becomes the heart of our craft, poised for the next steps in its transformation into the liquid artistry that is tequila.



Once the agave has been tenderly cooked, it embarks on a journey through an electric milling train, a mechanical symphony of transformation. This ensemble comprises four mills, their massive rollers poised for the dance of extraction.In this harmonious rhythm, the agave is gently pressed, surrendering its precious juice. Each mill, with its trio of mighty rollers, whispers secrets to the raw agave, coaxing forth its hidden treasures. It's here that the art of our craft comes alive, where the quantity of sugars, like notes in a symphony, is carefully orchestrated.

This stage is a delicate ballet, a dance of precision, where the sugars are tenderly encouraged, never rushed, and meticulously controlled. The result is not just juice, but the very soul of our tequila, a symphony of flavors waiting to unfold in the forthcoming fermentation, a promise of liquid artistry.



In the heart of our tequila alchemy, the agave's essence, freshly extracted and known as "mosto," finds its resting place within stainless steel tanks. Here, in these vessels of transformation, a mystical dance unfolds.

Fermentation, the enchanting artistry, orchestrates the alchemical conversion of the mosto's sugars into the nectar of life—alcohol. For tequila, this graceful process spans approximately 24 hours, while for the purest 100% Agave tequila, it extends into a dance of 2 to 3 days. As this ethereal performance reaches its crescendo, the once vibrant mosto becomes "mosto muerto," a term that belies its vitality. It emerges with an alchemical grace, bearing an alcoholic spirit, a living elixir with an alcohol content carefully nurtured between 6% and 7%.


Distillation Process

The distillation process, a pivotal chapter in our tequila-making odyssey, is where the essence of premium quality takes center stage.In our quest for excellence, we entrust the "mosto muerto" to the tender embrace of copper stills. Here, it undergoes a majestic transformation. We gently bring it to a boil, and like a phoenix rising from the flames, it ascends as ethereal vapor, whispering secrets of metamorphosis.This vapor, now the very spirit of the agave, is captured, condensed, and reborn, creating a product known as "ordinario." This elixir, with its alcohol content of approximately 25%, carries the essence of our craft.But we do not stop here, for our pursuit of perfection is relentless. The ordinario is summoned once more, entering the sacred ritual of "rectificación." Here, it discloses its true essence, transcending to become tequila blanco, a pristine spirit boasting an alcohol content nearing 55%.This meticulous, double-distillation process is the crucible of our premium quality. It is where impurities are exiled, and the essence of the agave is distilled to perfection. Every drop, every note of flavor, is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication that defines PASIÓN TEQUILA.In the sacred dance of fire and vapor, we glimpse the heart of our craft, the transformation of agave into the liquid artistry that is tequila. This is our commitment to premium quality, a journey that culminates in every bottle of PASIÓN TEQUILA, an elixir worthy of celebration and reverence.


In this crucial second step, we embark on the art of separation, distinguishing heads from tails, in a pursuit that reverberates with significance. Here, we orchestrate a symphony of precision, a ballet of methanol and alcohols, shaping the destiny of our tequila blanco.

This stage, often overlooked but never underestimated, is pivotal in crafting the desired profile of our tequila. It's here that we finely tune the essence, carving its character, and infusing it with the spirit of distinction.

In the realm of distillation, we are equipped with both continuous and discontinuous distillation systems. These are the artisans of our craft, and they bestow upon us the power to produce up to 50,000 liters of Tequila, each day, a spirit bearing a 55% alcohol content.

Here, the separation of heads and tails is an act of alchemy, where precision reigns supreme. It is in this pursuit of perfection that we craft the very soul of PASIÓN TEQUILA, a tequila blanco that embodies the essence of distinction, born from the heart of our craft.


The tequila born from our meticulous distillation is now ready for the final touch of refinement—dilution. Here, we add distilled or demineralized water to achieve its desired commercial alcohol content.

For its maturation journey, we set the alcohol content at 41%. Alternatively, for the creation of our tequila blanco or joven, we carefully adjust it to either 40% or 35%.

In this step, precision is our guiding star. It is here that the tequila's spirit is attuned to its destined path, whether to age in barrels or to be bottled as the pristine tequila blanco or joven that embodies the heart of our craft.


Aging Process

If applicable (e.g., for aged tequilas), describe the aging process in barrels. Mention the types of barrels used and the duration of aging.

Maturation, the slow and deliberate transformation, bestows upon our tequila the desired organoleptic characteristics. It's a journey guided by the alchemy of natural chemical processes, a journey that unfolds within oak barrels, whether they be American or French.

Our tequilas are nurtured through a 6-month resting period, followed by an indulgent aging process spanning 24 months. Here, the spirit evolves, marrying with the wood, extracting the essence of oak, and weaving a tapestry of flavors that will define its ultimate character.

This is the quiet interlude in our tequila's voyage, where time itself is an ingredient, and the barrels are the alchemical cauldrons of flavor. The result is a testament to our dedication, a tequila enriched with depth and complexity, ready to captivate the senses and evoke the passion that is PASIÓN TEQUILA.



Once our tequila has been meticulously analyzed in our quality control laboratory and we've confirmed its compliance with the Norma Oficial Mexicana (Official Mexican Standard), it undergoes a rigorous filtration process, not once but twice.

The first filtration serves to remove even the tiniest foreign particles, ensuring pristine purity. The second filtration step is dedicated to eliminating any trace of turbidity, rendering the tequila clear and radiant.

In these final acts of refinement, our tequila emerges as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. It stands as a shimmering jewel of pure flavor and quality, ready to grace glasses around the world with the passion that is PASIÓN TEQUILA.


Quality Control

Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and it manifests in every step of our process. At least three quality control inspectors are diligently involved in each stage, ensuring that the final presentation of tequila bottled by Compañía Tequilera de Arandas is nothing short of perfection.

Their vigilant eyes and discerning expertise are the guardians of our craft, assuring that every bottle bears the impeccable standard of excellence that defines PASIÓN TEQUILA.



After undergoing a meticulous evaluation by our esteemed tasting panel within our quality control department, the tequila is deemed ready for the next step—bottling. This critical stage unfolds within a state-of-the-art, fully automated marvel of technology.

This remarkable machine epitomizes precision and efficiency, performing a range of functions seamlessly. It commences with a depalletizer for the bottles, followed by a washer that employs the very same tequila to ensure no alteration of the product's characteristics. The tequila then flows into the filler, where each bottle is meticulously filled. A capping machine expertly seals each bottle, while a coder marks it with its unique identity. Subsequently, a labeling machine adorns each bottle with its distinct identity, and a boxing machine gathers them into cases. Finally, a palletizer assembles the cases onto pallets, and a shrink-wrapping machine adds the finishing touch.

This automated ballet of technology ensures that every bottle of PASIÓN TEQUILA is handled with the utmost care, precision, and unwavering dedication, from the moment it's filled to the instant it reaches your hands.


Our Commitment to Quality and Legacy

Our commitment resides in preserving the legacy of quality that takes root in the fertile soils of Arandas, Jalisco.At Compañía Tequilera de Arandas, we understand that quality must always be the foremost priority. As such, we have ingrained the principle of continuous improvement into our very ideology. This commitment is not only a part of our ethos but also a formal pledge to the Mexican Government through the Council of the Tequila Regulatory Council and the compliance with the Official Mexican Standard NOM-1406.

Our location in Arandas, Jalisco bestows the coveted Denomination of Origin upon all our products, a testament to the authenticity and quality of our tequila. It is this dedication to excellence that has earned us numerous accolades on the global stage and the prestigious certification of Quality Kosher.

Today, we proudly stand among the top five tequila producers in terms of capacity. Our journey is a testament to the relentless pursuit of quality, a journey that resonates with the passion that is PASIÓN TEQUILA.


Credibility and consistency in our actions have bestowed upon us the invaluable rewards of trust and loyalty from our employees, partners, and collaborators. At Tequilera de Arandas, we reciprocate this loyalty by crafting our tequilas with quality and passion, right down to the very last drop.

Our commitment to excellence is not just a promise; it's a bond of trust that we honor in every bottle of tequila we create. We understand that loyalty is a two-way street, and we are dedicated to upholding it through the unwavering quality and passion that define PASIÓN TEQUILA.