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    Tequila Pasión Blanco 700 ml


    Tequila Pasión Blanco is characterized by its crystal-clear appearance and its pure, refreshing flavor. It embodies the authentic essence of the agave plant, offering fresh and herbal notes complemented by a touch of natural sweetness.

    Crystalline, with a profound aroma and flavor, for those who savor the genuine essence of agave. Its herbal and fruity undertones are a testament to the meticulous distillation process, resulting in a harmonious blend of the finest silver tequila aromas.

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    Tequila Pasión Reposado 700 ml


    Tequila Pasión Reposado undergoes a transformative journey as it rests in barrels, acquiring additional flavors and aromas through its interaction with wood. These nuances may include gentle notes of vanilla, caramel, honey, and nuts, all harmoniously intertwined with a softer essence of agave.With an excellent body, a subtle agave presence, and an exquisite blend of herbal aromas intermingled with sweet wood notes, it boasts a solid gold hue—a testament to the well-balanced marriage of agave and wood during its 9-month rest in the barrel.

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    Tequila Pasión Añejo 700 ml


    Tequila Pasión Añejo acquires a more complex and sophisticated flavor as it matures in French oak barrels, absorbing additional aromas and flavors from the wood. Its darker amber hue is a result of prolonged contact with the oak. Ideal for those seeking a refined and smooth tasting experience.

    Of artisanal origin and made entirely from 100% Blue Agave, it boasts an ochre shade due to its 2-year maturation in French oak barrels. It offers a rich, sweet, and smooth flavor profile, with aromatic notes of vanilla, nuts, and the fresh essence of agave and anise. With a medium body, it's a delight to savor until the last drop.

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    Tequila Pasión Añejo Cristalino 700 ml


    Tequila Pasión Añejo Cristalino presents a 100% Pure Agave experience with its crystalline appearance, shining with luminosity and clarity. What sets it apart is a unique process that eliminates its amber color from the origin, resulting in a truly crystalline tequila. Aged for up to 2 years, it maintains its exceptional notes and flavors.This medium-bodied tequila offers an aroma characterized by fresh agave, and its flavor profile features light woody and sweet notes. With an alcohol content of 40% Alc. Vol., Tequila Pasión Añejo Cristalino embodies the essence of premium craftsmanship while delighting the palate with its unique character.